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About Vitalime

Vitalime story begins with a vision of the welfare and benefit of farmers in India.

Mr. S. Kandasamy, the mastermind of Dhanalakshmi Agrotech Entrepreneur Company created in January 2021; established Vitalime company to boost the local socio-economic fabric by motivating the local farmers to better their lives and the lives of the end-users.

Due to Vitalime, more than 250 local Farmers are engaged in lemon farming on 500 acres of land in Villiseri village and get regular income and benefits from the Company. Where Vitalime dedicatedly utilizes the fruit of hard labor to create a value-added range of products for its target market.

Our visionary and professional experts have utilized their in-depth knowledge to craft a 100% pure, chemical-free, and natural line of products for customers to cherish. We bring originality to the synthetic world to beat! Vitalime stands for quality, happiness, and kindness!

Our Vision

Vitalime’s vision is to emerge as a top company in the natural products industry and deliver tangible socio-economic advantages to local farmers, and the community.

Our Mission

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the product purchase experience, including receiving, product quality, consistency, and after-purchase services, our strategies prioritize value creation, teamwork, and continual progress as the driving force behind our growth initiatives for the future.

Our Commitment

Vitalime's dedication to purity and quality shines through in every lemon-infused creation. With our chemical-free approach and unwavering commitment to natural goods, our products offer a refreshing escape from synthetic alternatives.

Embrace the pure bliss of Vitalime's lemon products and indulge in the revitalizing power of nature.

Unveiling The Product Selection

At Vitalime, purity is non-negotiable. They understand the importance of using only the finest natural ingredients, and their lemon products reflect this commitment. Each item is carefully formulated to harness the natural benefits of lemons without the use of harsh chemicals. Our product range includes:

  • 1. Lemon juice powder
  • 2. Lemon nannari juice powder
  • 3. Lemon juice mix
  • 4. Lemon nannari juice mix
  • 5. Black lemon dry
  • 6. Black lemon Powder
  • 7. Lemon peel dry
  • 8. Lemon peel Powder
  • 9. Lemon essential oil
  • 10. Lemon seed oil
  • 11. Lemon seed Powder
  • 12. Panchalowga lemon metal polishing.